Pneumatic Backsaver / Slip Lifter

Pneumatic backsaver/slip lifters from NOV, DenCon, and Forum ensure efficient and safe handling in the oilfield industry.

Pneumatic Backsaver / Slip Lifter

Autobahn Industries make Slip Lifter or Backsaver is a pneumatically/hydraulically operated power tool used to lift the slips and reduce personnel fatigue and injuries through remote operation from the driller’s cabin or standalone control panels. It will also extend slip and insert life by properly setting and raising slips.

Features & Benefits

API Standard
  • Pneumatic Backsaver/ Slip Lifters are made to be used with any API-7K monogrammed Rotary Slips/Drill Collar Slips/ Casing Slips/ RHS Slips
Design Features
  • Models available to fit both pin and square drive master bushings
  • Different Models are available to fit in 17.1/2” to 37.1/2” master bushings
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic models are available
  • Hydraulic feedback options available (some models)
  • Uses standard 16” slips (adapter kits required)
Health, Safety and Environment
  • Products are manufactured in accordance with HSE guidelines.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Products are passed threw series of Non-Destructive Testing and Destructive Testing for quality control which helps to insure safety of are product at rig site.
  • Excellent durability.
Lead Time
  • Fastest Delivery with in shortest lead time

  • Availability of Spares in very short lead time as we are maintaining the huge inventory.
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