Master Bushing Square Type 37.5″

Oilfield handling tools featuring master bushings for 37.5" rotary tables: NOV MPCH, Wirth, DenCon, Varco, Oilwell, Emsco, HMH, National, Forum, BVm equivalents ensure secure, efficient drilling operations

MPCH Master Bushing Square Type 37.5" for Oilwell/Wirth RT

Autobahn Industries make Hinged Type Pin Drive Master Bushing Square Type suitable for Oilwell 37.1/2” – 49.1/2” Rotary Table for drilling operations. Master Bushings Square Type are made strictly in accordance with API-7K specification (Latest Edition). We hold a valid API-7K Monogram for Master Bushings. Master Bushings Square Type are used with either of Insert Bowl No. 1,2 & 3 to handle different sizes of tubular. With the help of Insert Bowls, it is capable of handling Drill Collar, Tubing, and Casing ranging from 2-3/8” to 13-3/8”. Master Bushings Square Type has an inbuilt locking mechanism to lock insert bowls. We have NOV Equivalent and interchangeable Master Bushings Square Type. 

Features & Benefits

API Standard
  • Autobahn Industries has API-7K Licence for Master Bushing for the last 23 years and counting.
  • All Master Bushings are supplied confirming to API-7K Specification and duly marked with API-7K Monogram.
Design Features
  • This Master Bushing Square Type can be used in NOV/Drillmec/Wirth or any Rotary Table made as per API.
  • Master Bushings Square Type are equivalent and interchangeable with NOV Master Bushings.
  • Rated Load Capacity : 750 Ton
  • Design life : 10 Years
Health, Safety and Environment
  • Master Bushings Square Type are manufactured in compliance with the HSE guidelines.
  • The Easy Fitment and Installation reduces the downtime on the rig.
  • It is passed through a series of Destructive and Non Destructive Tastings to ensure that master bushings square type meet and exceed the API Quality Requirements, this helps to ensure only Quality Products are supplied to the Customer.
Lead Time
  • Fasted Delivery within a short lead time, The maximum lead time for Master Bushing is 07 Days.
  • We keep a huge inventory of stock to ensure that our customer does not wait longer for any of our spares, which helps to minimize the downtime on the rig. Spares are made to be available within a week’s time.
S. No. Description ABI Part No. Ref NOV Part No.
Master Bushing Hinged Type Pin Drive 37.1/2" Bare Body (Square) suitable for Oilwell/Wirth Rotary Table.
Insert Bowl No. 1 for 11.3/4" to 13.3/8" tubular
Insert Bowl No. 2 for 9.5/8" to 10.3/4" tubular
Insert Bowl No. 3 for 2.3/8" to 8.5/8" tubular
Lifting Sling 2 hook type
Lifting Sling 4 hook type
Bit Breaker Adapter Plate
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