Dual Deck Shale Shakers

Dual Deck Shale Shakers - Autobahn Industries

Dual Deck Shale Shakers

Dual Deck Shale Shakers is the product of continuous improvement and upgrading of oilfield drilling solids control technology. It has high-performance components and can adapt to different drilling solids control conditions.

The dual deck drilling mud shale shaker adopts a modular screen structure with a large screen area. This shaker can replace the traditional solids control system as an all-in-one model. It reduces the cost of equipment such as desilter, desander, etc.

Features & Benefits

Design Features
  • Dual-deck design with full primary and half-width scalping decks.
  • Adjustable screen angle while drilling.
  • +7 G’s operating mode.
  • Flexible fluid distribution.
  • Durable pretension composite screens.
  • Small footprint design.
Health, Safety and Environment
  • Made in accordance with HSE guidelines.
  • Low sound produced (75 – 85 dBA).
  • Better screen life, easy screen inspection, fast removal as well as installation.
  • Reducing drilling waste disposal costs helps ensure environmental compliance.
Lead Time
  • Fastest delivery of Capital Equipment as well as spares within shortest lead time.
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