Tubing Spider

Autobahn Industries make Tubing Spiders made strictly in accordance with API-7K Specification (Latest Edition). Through years of experience and testing, many improvements have been made to our spiders which makes us the leader for a safe, economical, and trouble-free handling of tubular goods.
Heat-treated alloy steel is used throughout for the greatest possible strength and the longest wearing life with a minimum of weight. The shafts are hardened alloy steel for longer life. Replaceable steel bushings are fitted into the journal bearings. All bearings and journals are equipped with grease fittings for lubrication.
Air Cylinders and Foot Valves are mist lubricated through the airstream. All Spiders are equipped with a manually operated safety latch which may be used to positively lock the slips in their set position. Because of the low operating pressure, the slips cannot release from the tubing until it has been raised by the elevators, thus guarding against a lost string in the event that the Foot Valve is tripped accidentally.
The Slips, Shafts, and Air Operating Mechanisms are protected by guards to prevent damage caused by the elevators or other outside forces. Through research and field testing our engineers are constantly on the lookout for additional improvements which will assure the personnel in the field of receiving the safest and most maintenance-free equipment that is available.
The Pneumatic Spider is available in five models, Model “C”, “CHD”, “E”, and “G”. All are designed for manual, compressed air, or hydraulic operation with the exception of Model “G” which is available for compressed air or hydraulic operation only.
All Autobahn Industries make Spiders may be used on a rotary table with an adapter plate that fits into the square drive or pin drive master bushing, centring the Spider on the rotary table. This also permits the manually operated Spider to be rotated. Models “C” and “CHD” Spiders may be equipped with a Gate and Slips which are relieved to pass parallel strings of tubing. If the Spider is to be used with both single and parallel strings to any extent, it is recommended that both kinds of Slips and Gates be ordered. A standard feature of all our Spiders is a specially designed Gate Section that will allow the running of an electric submersible pump cable simultaneously with any size tubing string.

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