The manual slips are the tool that suspends the drill-string in the rotary table while securely holding it in place. This device is made up of three or more hinged steel wedges that form a nearly round shape around the drill pipe. The slips have replaceable, hardened slip inserts gently embedded into the side of the drill pipe on the drill pipe side (inside surface). The outsides of the slips have a taper that corresponds to the insert bowl inner tapper. The driller lowers the drill-string gradually after the rig team secures the slips in the rotary and around the drill pipe. The slips are dragged down as a result of the inserts of the slips gripping the pipe.By compressing the drillpipe inside and pulling the outer wedges lower, this downward force effectively locks everything together.

The upper section of the drillstring (a joint or stand of pipe, a kelly, a saver sub, etc.) can then be unscrewed by the rig crew while the lower half is hung.The driller lowers the drillstring to release the slips’ gripping action after attaching another component to the bottom portion of the drillstring, and the rig crew then removes the slips from the rotary.

There are different types of Manual Slips based on the different types of pipe and load rating, namely:-

1. Rotary Slips

2. Drill Collar Slips

3. Casing Slips

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