Bit Breaker Plate For Spiders

Bit Breaker Plate For Spiders

Bit breaker adapter plates for Spiders  are developed in two models i.e 

  • For Pin Drive Master Bushing: Four Pin Type Bit Breaker Adapter Plate is suitable for Pin Drive Master Bushing Drive fitted in four pin holes.
  • For Square Drive Master Bushing: Bottom Square Type Adapter plates are designed for easy fitment with a square segment of the master bushing.

Features & Benefits

Technical Documents
  • Technical documents such as Certificate of Conformity (COC), Material Test Certificate & Hardness Test Certificates etc. will be provided along with the material.

Design Features
  • Bit Breakers are manufactured according to API Spec 7K Specification for Drilling Equipment.Adapter plate are made from a high grade of alloy steel which gives better life and durability.
  • Adapter Plate Pins are made from high grade of alloy duly hardened & tempered with a controlled hardness.
  • Easy Fitment with Master Bushing. 
Health, Safety and Environment
  • Products are manufactured considering the HSE guidelines.
  • Excellent durability.
  • Most reliable brand which brings trust of the user and helps to keep the crew safer during the operation.
Lead Time
  • Fastest Delivery with short lead time.
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