Bit Breaker Adapter Plate for Master Bushings

This adapter plate facilitates the secure attachment of bit breakers to master bushings, ensuring efficient and precise drilling operations. Autobahn Industries' commitment to quality and innovation shines through in this essential tool for the oil and gas industry.

Bit Breaker Adapter Plate for Master Bushings

Four-pin Bit breaker adapter plates are fitted in the Master Bushing Drive Pin Holes. Bit breaker adapter plates are designed for Master Bushings 37.1/2” (MPCH), Master Bushing 27.1/2”, and 17.1/2”. Both bit breaker adapter plates. 

Features & Benefits

Technical Documents
  • Master Bushings will be supplied confirming to API-7K Specification and duly marked with API-7K Monogrammed.  
  • Autobahn Industries is holding API-7K Licence for Master Bushing for the last 23 years and counting.
Design Features
  • Technical documents such as Certificate of Conformity (COC), Material Test Certificate & Hardness Test Certificates etc. will be provided along with the material.

Health, Safety and Environment
  • Products are manufactured considering the HSE guidelines.
  • Excellent durability.
  • Most reliable brand which brings trust of the user and helps to keep the crew safer during the operation. 
Lead Time
  • Fastest Delivery with short lead time.
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