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master bushing 27.5 square drive

Master Bushing - Taper Design
Model : ABMB 2750-SSP

Keeping in view the requirement of shallow to medium depth well these models are available API-7K specification suitable for 27-½" Rotary Tables. The SSP (Square Drive Split Type) model are having standard taper of Bowl No. 3 as per API to handle tubular size from 2.3/8” to 8.5/8”. This allows the use of extra long SDXL slips required for heavier load. Rise in taper by 2-½”, makes all slips rise by 2-½” which makes slip handling easier. This rise of slips distributes the load uniformly in the bushing resulting in less wear & tear of table bore. Additionally this taper provides 50% more slip support resulting in better load managing capability. 27½” Master Bushing designed to handle string load upto 500 ton.

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