master bushing

MASTER BUSHING (ABMB-3750 model):- For National, EMSCO, Oil Well Rotary Table

The ABMB-3750 model hinged pin drive Master Bushing for 37-1/2" rotary table is developed as per API-7K specifications for off-shore drilling operations. With the help of Insert Bowls it is capable to handle 2-3/8" through 13-3/8" inch O.D. drill pipe, drill collars, tubing and casing up to load of 500 tons. ABMB with a hinged design can be removed from the rotary table to pass large diameter bit and pipe connections directly through the Rotary table and it has all the performance features of a solid master bushing. The ABMB is equipped with insert bowl No.3 (Std) and optional inserts bowl No.1 & 2. The ABMB is incorporated with latches that lock into the rotary table. Locking latches are provided to lock the bowls into the bushing. Master Bushing is also equipped with retainer pins to prevent them from falling out when the hinges are opened.


LIFTING SLINGS: The ABMB is equipped with a four hook steel chain for lifting purpose.


To accommodate different sizes of Bit Breaker.


master bushing
master bushing
master bushing
master bushing
master bushing
master bushing


(All the spares are interchangeable with Varco MPCH Master Bushing spares)

S.No. DESCRIPTION Req.Qty Per set Identical Varco PART No. ABI Part No. For National ABI PART No For Oil Well ABI Part No. For EMSCO
1 Bare Body segment with Half Sleeves with latch 2 no - 3710 3710-SQ 3710-E
2 Hinge Pin-Removable (with handle) 1 no 6604 3711 3711-SQ 3711-E
3 Hinge Pin Retainer 1 no 6606 3711-A 3711-A-SQ 3711-A-E
4 Hinge Pin-Stationary  (with retainer) 1 no 6605 3712 3712-SQ 3712-E
5 Bowl lock assembly 2 no - 3714 3714-SQ 3714-E
6 Eccentric Pin 1014 3714-A 3714-A-SQ 3714-A-E
7 Eccentric Pin Lock 1016 3714-B 3714-B-SQ 3714-B-E
8 Eccentric Pin Retainer 50106-22 3714-C 3714-C-SQ 3714-C-E
9 Drive Hole Bushing 4 no 3699 3715 3715-SQ 3715-E
Other Components to be supplied with set
10 Lifting sling 1 no 6699 3716 3716-SQ 3716-E
11 Bit breaker plate 1 no 1816 3717 3717-SQ 3717-E
12 Insert Bowl No: 1 For 13-3/8" & 11-3/4"

1 no
6610 3751 3751-SQ 3751-E
13 Insert Bowl No: 2 For 10-3/4" & 9-5/8" 6609 3752 3752-SQ 3752-E
14 Insert Bowl No: 3 For API 8-5/8" to 2-3/8" 6608 3753 3753-SQ 3753-E